Most expensive coffin Gu Chenmu-Oriental tree

Sep 30, 2015

Gu Chenmu in Hainan also known as ebony, driftwood, carbonized wood, Oriental sacred, ancient Driftwood can be buried deep underground years not rot, no distortion, no disease, and Rosewood by their first names, called the essence, spirit of the wood of the tree, is the most high quality wood coffin.

Gu Chenmu regarded as evil, fortune, Town House of treasures, and a "longitudinal gold full box than ebony party" said. Buried in the Earth at different times, when its color varies, and some whole Black, bright gold, distribution is not the same color, such as black out whatever is Phoebe, black outside and Red inside are hopea, black outside and green inside the Phoebe zhennan, etc. Hainan Gu Chenmu for Driftwood in the refined essence of soul in the spirit of the works produced by its dark red, dense texture, the surface is smooth, delicate touch, has the characteristics of wood materials.

Gu Chenmu value is high, suitable for all kinds of carpentry work of art, and coffin now estimates no one willing to use ancient and sank.

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