Increase knowledge! Why should the coffin be placed in the shell of the earth, the expert's explanation makes us thumbs up

According to relevant media reports, in the past few years, a forklift at a construction site in Fujian shoveled a piece of mysterious boulders when shoveling a hillside. At that time, the forklift master at the scene thought that this was a huge stone, but when they scooped the boulder out of a hole about 30 cm in diameter, they found that the boulder was not solid, and there was still a black coffin inside.

Due to this strange phenomenon, the forklift masters at the scene had never seen it before, so this also shocked them. One of the masters also said with a big brain: Is this the "engineering" left by aliens many years ago? The local archaeological department immediately rushed to the site after receiving the news. When they saw the boulders dug up on the construction site, they immediately said that this was not a huge stone at all, let alone a relationship with aliens, but the "棺中棺" left by the ancient Chinese.

And this hollow boulder is the nephew of the "棺中棺", the black wooden coffin exposed inside is the guilt. In addition, this hollow boulders with inner linings are not the whole boulder that has been hollowed out inside. It was made by the ancients who used lime, clay and fine sand. According to the relevant historical documents, the "three-in-one soil" prepared in this way appeared in the Ming and Qing dynasties, and the distribution ratio of the two dynasties was slightly different. In the Ming Dynasty, the distribution ratio of "three-in-one soil" was mostly: lime, ceramic powder and gravel. In the Qing Dynasty, it was mostly “three-in-one soil” made up of lime, clay, fine sand and lime, slag and sand. Therefore, the era of the ownerless "棺中棺" without a tombstone may only be in the Ming Dynasty or the Qing Dynasty.

Finally, archaeologists explained to reporters that the burial form of "Zhuzhongyu" was very common in ancient China, especially in the Qing Dynasty. We also refer to it as “one-on-one” in academics. The 棺 refers to the outer raft made of “three-in-one soil”, which is the wooden coffin placed in the outer raft. When the inner helium is placed in the outer raft, it also largely isolates the outside air, so that it will not be prematurely oxidized and corroded, and the corpse of the tomb owner will not prematurely oxidize. rot. Welcome netizens to leave a wonderful comment in the comment area.