How does the coffin return home?

Feb 07, 2020

In 1899, a famous American actor named Charles Cleveland died and was buried in Galveston, Texas. In September of the next year, a rare storm swept Galveston. The huge waves of the storm swept up the bank and rushed the coffin out of the tomb of the seaside cemetery and into the sea.

After the storm, Kyle deld, kupflan's daughter, saw the destroyed tomb and cried bitterly when she thought of her father's restlessness after his death. In order to find her father's coffin, she looked around every day and advertised in the newspaper several times that "if anyone finds a coffin with an unknown origin, please inform me and thank you very much."

Year after year, Kyle deld never gave up the idea of finding his father's coffin. After more than 20 years, there was no clue. Kyle deld spent millions of dollars on it.

On the morning of September 15, 1927, 28 years after corffland's death, Kyle deld opened the newspaper, and suddenly a piece of news jumped into his eyes——

"The famous actor Charles Coupland died in 1899 and was buried in Galveston. The following year, there was a huge storm in the area. Galveston's tomb was washed away by the sea water, and the coffin was drawn into the sea. The family members of the dead have been looking around for a long time, but have never found it. However, it is amazing that it has been found that the coffin, following the current in the Gulf of Mexico, has reached Prince Edward Island, the birthplace of kufran, around the coast of Florida. The coffin drifted 3000 kilometers safely! "

"Heavens! There is such a thing! " Kyle deld dubiously called the newspaper and replied, "yes, it is! Absolutely. " Kyle deld rushed to Prince Edward Island, surprised and delighted. He saw his father's coffin after nearly 30 years, and held a grand funeral for his father again.

How did the coffin return home after 27 years of drifting? So far no one can understand.