Feng Shui Feng Shui in how we see cemetery the cemetery?

Sep 30, 2015

Graveyard value most Feng Shui Feng Shui in siting considerations, long point, sand, and water, Hall, near, far North Korea has a certain pattern of organization and stress, including geology, hydrology, and soil base requirement, especially with the mountains and landscape blend in, to extremely Grand and perfect state. In order to achieve the harmony of heaven and the contract. Requirements over the graveyard Feng Shui practice Feng Shui architecture, together with its surroundings, feature in the scenery, reach a mountain cave level.

When the tomb of Feng Shui, a treasure found in the cemeteries for deceased loved ones? This is what many customers ' problems. Because they want to find a treasure for loved ones at the same time, also gives into the nursing role. However, due to lack of knowledge of Feng Shui, there are various misunderstandings at the site.

Many people believe that the cemetery grave should be selected in the heights, the higher the better. Because buried in high, high status, with an air. His rich and powerful is if you wish, death came in below it? Therefore, the cemetery high tend to price higher. Think the graveyard Feng Shui would be nice, but tend not to nurse on high sand, only Yang is not long, the lone negative is not. And "hidden wind water" and "Dragon gas, external Church" principle. Buried on high ground, angry, and eight wind, how can I hide the wind was the water? Also not taboo. Such as the ancient ten burial says:

Not buried thick dense rock, do not bury the second urgent water beaches, three buried valleys of despair; buried four lonely hills, five mass graves after the Temple of God, about six mass graves taking prisoners, seven buried Hill hot mess, eight not to bury Feng Shui sadness, not buried nine sit down low, not buried the Dragon and the Tiger ten point. Also pay attention to "Dragon fear xiongwan, point dry cold", "return to jump sand back, afraid of the water, holes wind through" claim.

The graveyard Feng Shui pattern is a good momentum to hold of the Dragon, layer upon layer, show stands; on both sides to have a dragon guarding the cemetery sand, Ming Tang, open, elegant drawing, eliminate sand water birth in Mong Kok; intensive graves to be selected in a pulse line points down, where long gas, because it is strong.