External factors affecting the wooden coffin speed

Sep 30, 2015

1, the temperature

Temperature are the main factors affecting the drying speed of wood. Temperature, water pressure increases in the wood, the viscosity of liquid water is conducive to promoting the mobility and diffusion of moisture in wood and copper dry media stripping wet performance, and accelerate the speed of evaporation of surface moisture of wood. But it's worth noting that if the temperature is too high, it can cause cracking and deformation of the wood, reducing the mechanical strength, color, and so on, should be appropriately controlled.

2, humidity

Relative humidity is an important factor affecting the drying speed of wood. Under the same temperature and wind speed, relative humidity, the higher the greater the partial pressure of water vapor in the media, wood surface moisture and is less likely to evaporate to media, dry more slowly; when the relative humidity is low, evaporation, surface water decreases, increases moisture gradient, moisture diffusion increases, fast drying. But the relative humidity is too low, it can cause drying defects such as cracks and honeycombs problem even worse.

3, air circulation speed

Air circulation is another factors affecting the drying speed of wood. High-speed airflow can damage the wood surface layer of saturated steam, thus improving the conditions in between the wood and heat and mass transfer, speeds up the drying speed. For hard materials or when wood moisture content is low, depends on your internal moisture movement in wood drying rate; through large media flow to speed up the evaporation of surface moisture moot, but will increase the moisture gradient, increasing the risk of drying defects. Therefore, hard dry wood does not need a large medium cycle speed.