Different customs and life of the coffin

Sep 30, 2015

Their coffins also known as Suzuki, old House. Cedar building, old Hakka encoffin died. Farmers made coffin, generally around the age of 30 will select the wood to make a good, ready to death. Slang: "30 with no pay (coffin), how dare you." That's to say, a middle-aged, be prepared to shoumu, not ready, afraid if there happened to be caught off guard. Therefore, the Hakka General who must do the coffin, which is called "shoumu" or "birthday", said Tian Shou Jiafu. When making shoumu, his family was rich, make sushi with 4 wood material, called "four corners", that is, cover plate, bottom plate and side panels made with block party, coffin lift the corpse into a 7 Star Board, called "seven stars".

In addition, there are "hex", "anise" shoumu, which consists of 6 or 8 pieces of wood. Average family making "ten horns" shoumu, use more wood than "eight" small; ordinary people do "12" shoumu, that is made up of 12 small wooden drum, than the "ten horns" and smaller. Shoumu finished, well-off oil knee painter Shabu in a timely manner, please, big top book "blessing", front head writes "birthday", coffin covered in red paper to write on the Board, "blessing", "many happy returns". Hakka custom, died without kude said "short-lived", cannot enjoy the coffins for burial, with only a few pieces of wood nailed into a coffin-shaped, called the "Water Board".