Cypress has what function

Sep 30, 2015

Incense cedar has natural fragrance can medicine, Cedar seed can soothe fill heart. whenever people into lush of Berlin, looked its zigzag scene of branches, inhalation that refreshing of fragrance, Lenovo to these thousand years ancient wood Hardy long green of character, very easy to people heart Shang to purification. so, ancient with cedar do furniture Shi of situation. incense cedar no pollution, and no radiation, natural aromatic, color heavy beautiful, and natural wood section, and fragrance elegant, is trees in the of longevity star, and Living fossil. Cedar emperors for hundreds of years as General. prevalent in religious places were people deserves to be called a good name.

Incense cedar ease relaxation neural, comfort fluctuations mood, reduce daily pressure, effective contraction sent skin pores, to reached clean skin, to chip, and germinal, on Shang respiratory infection, disease has anti-inflammatory, and analgesic of effect. According to Materia Medica compendium, and 25 disease party, and daughter wing party Tang Materia Medica, records: incense cedar has, sex taste ganping, into heart, and liver, and spleen, and kidney, and bladder all by, has health, and beauty, and beauty skin, effect.

With modern city industrial of rapid development, indoor decorative material and the home supplies in the formaldehyde, harmful material of unlimited release, on human live environment of effect let people had to review environmental, and desire return, and urgent need from natural of home products. people in focused on products style, function of while, more requirements products environmental and the which to health brings of guarantee. natural Cedar furniture no radioactive and distributed sex pollution, benefit human health, Is truly green furniture. Cypress unique resources in Western China, especially Sichuan, these conditions are to ensure continued strong backing for the development of products and businesses, natural Cedar furniture adapted to people pursuing environmental protection, the natural trend of the times, is the taste of life, and enjoy the best household products, extremely broad prospects for its development.