Coffin explanation

Aug 19, 2018

The coffin, also known as Shouyi, the old house, for four and a half years, contains coffins of the body, usually used in funerals. The coffin can be made from different materials and manufactured by the most common wood. In addition, coffins made in copper, stone, etc.

Chinese traditional loves to produce high quality wood, nanmu and other coffins. Many people can get a good death is the biggest blessing.

Liuzhou, because of the good quality of wood coffin has a high level of work, this is "live in Hangzhou, wear in Suzhou, eat in Guangzhou, in Liuzhou".

Nature has created everything, while giving it all in different forms, forms and sustainable development - life. Everything in the world of life is hard to come by. However, we humans use a special form to illustrate the preciousness of the millennium...

Life has so far, the "forgetting" and "theorems" of human beings can not be outdated - although people want to be resurrected, but from, of course, this is a superstition, if objective scientific arguments, explain the "theorems" from the mold This is a kind of spiritual appeal of people - although people refuse to return to life, but his spiritual image, but always in the hearts of others. People who feel nostalgic in this spirit are tangible expressions placed on the person's body, which is buried. For the people, let the people go to another world better and prepare for the death of gorgeous coffins.

You see, this is a jewel that focuses on the whole art.

The coffin is also known as the old house. This is specially set up and the workmanship is very fine. First of all, let's take a look at its materials. In general, due to the limitations of the overall economic situation, the popularity of coffin processing pine is from cedar; well, especially the use of very expensive nanmu coffins or natural crystal stones. to make. This is a very strange appearance, the front end of the large and small rear end, which has a trapezoidal shape. On its body, each piece of metal used in the ramp is on the face, and each part is shaped and reflects the large small slope behind the front. The material called the slanted cargo material is called the material of the coffin, next to both sides, and in the band but the oblique arc cover, from the head of the front plate, the entire coffin seems to be a semi-logarithmic.

Particularly striking is its exterior decoration. The front row of the pine head is the crane, the glazed tile wings, and the two white cranes. The two sides of the hall are the Cangshengwang group and the cypress trees. In front of the hall is a splendid grass, and the middle of the grass is the stone road leading to the hall. It is also very clean and elegant. The whole enamel decoration is like the whole picture of the head space of the fairyland. A Zhuangqing villa, the wood is at the top of the head, and the three figures “Peace Palace” are closely related to the coffin itself. Two people painted the coffin is Jinlong chasing the treasure beads to tease on both sides. The weapons and other gods used around Lu Dongbin's paintings are also known as "Dark Eight Immortals", while Guqin, calligraphy and painting, Meilan Zhuju, and Pomegranate fruit live in a material, the surface "Shoushan Fuhai". All the pictures are used in a coffin standing in the form of powder, paste and other techniques, as well as the deployment of the ancient Tang Dynasty's full-color painting style, which makes the coffin master, the color layer is distinct, beautiful, orderly; elegant The lines are smooth. After a person's death in the flesh, with so many substances and the knowledge of knowledge, naturally one can safely embark on the road of their lives.