Chinese coffins are popular in the United States, cheap and good quality may become a hot commodity

Feb 15, 2021

Xinnet, July 20. The People’s Daily South China News published today reported that the American funeral industry has also begun to favor Chinese goods.    reported that due to monopolistic operations, funeral expenses in the United States remain high. Statistics show that among the average funeral expenses of $6,500, coffin costs account for about $3,000, which is very profitable. According to estimates by the American Association of Coffin and Funeral Article Sellers, the number of coffins sold in the United States this year will reach 1.7 million.    The report also stated that it has only been three years for Chinese-made coffins to enter the US market. According to "USA Today" reports, Chinese-made coffins only account for 2% of the American funeral industry market, but they have great potential for high quality and low prices. They may quickly enter the American market and break the market monopoly of the American funeral industry.    Compared with American coffins, Chinese coffins have the biggest competitive advantage in price. According to information from the funeral home in Houston, coffins produced in China cost about US$1,700 per pair, while coffins in the United States cost about US$2,300. As Chinese coffins are cheap and good in quality, imports are gradually increasing. The Funeral Supplies Company in Greenville, South Carolina imports at least 15,000 Chinese-made coffins every year.    The Chinese coffin also needs improvement. According to the Chinese version of "World Journal", the design of Chinese coffins still has flaws.    According to estimates by industry insiders, because of the high profits of the funeral and interment industry, cheap coffins sold through the Internet may become "hot commodities." Faced with the influx of Chinese products, American funeral and interment companies can no longer hold back. California funeral and interment industry recently held an annual meeting to discuss how to deal with the challenges posed by Chinese coffins.