Cemetery of the pattern the same grave say?

Sep 30, 2015

While watching the graveyard Feng Shui, cemetery to pattern the same grave as what? While watching the graveyard Feng Shui, cemetery grave of special high, also part pit or small ravine when what are you looking at? Feng Shui cemetery when an inquest and finger, because hundreds of graves in the cemetery line rows of orderly lined up, many Feng Shui Masters after entering the cemetery, to start analyzing the good fortune of a tomb at all, can't tell the difference between the two graves close to is good or bad.

While watching the graveyard Feng Shui, in the Tomb, cemetery-pressing and the inquest, as long as the "holes" around and "point point" pattern shape those same graves as not, as does not exist, as the plane was shot down. And those special high buildings or mountains or tomb on the sand as necessary to treat those part pit or a small ravine and must be treated as water. In a word: and no special things must stand out in the cemetery as a sand or water view, while those without any feature without any special energy graves as a free view on the line.

Is to say: to graves's central point of view, something close if there are no special energy, then outward from the center point of the graves have been forward, appears to have a special shape thing appears on the sand and water, in special shapes prior to the advent of distance on all the graves as a ground plane to look at. Just thinking on turning the corner, the cemetery off of Feng Shui methods and common grave geomancy ruling is exactly the same. As long as your Feng Shui theory is correct, it wouldn't be an inquest errors, there is absolutely no point wrong. In order to see the graveyard Feng Shui.