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Cedar characteristics

Sep 30, 2015

1, environmental health: Cedar produce fragrant gases heat-clearing and detoxifying, dampness insecticidal effect. isatis indigotica lemon terpene Terpenoids, as its main ingredient, these natural substances not only kill the bacteria and viruses, to clean up the air, but also for people to relax, mood stabilization role.

2, strong and durable: cedar wood furniture quality, water resistant, hard materials, growing season length, density, water will not rot, corrosion and thermal insulation, anti-ants, mold, and odor-resistant, anti-leaking, antistatic, antibacterial, thermal, deformation, wear, at least 30-40 years.

3, and health health: Chinese Museum in said: Cedar fragrance can medicine, Cedar seed can soothe fill heart. visible Cedar on human health is is has benefits of, natural original health of material, very environmental, and health. ancient Taoist common of Bai sleepers with Bai wood made, walls left has 120 a small hole, within loaded Angelica, and chuanxiong, and wind, and Angelica, and Dan skin, and chrysanthemum, 32 taste drug, coat cloth sets, medicine slow bulk out. is said to have, pillow 100 days will met has gloss; pillow a years, body stroke disease will natural recovered.

Cedar is main growth in temperate and Asia boreal of coniferous trees, Cedar has gentleman as of character image----bucket cold proud snow, and determination straight, is hundred wood of long, pigment for upright, and noble, and longevity, and immortal of symbol. Cedar has variety, to Cork for Shang, other followed by. Cork color moist, wood quality delicate, Fu of as children skin, made furniture don't has charm. Cedar furniture by create of simple original health of style meet has modern people pursuit natural, and comfortable, and elegant of life, For the lifestyle consumer advocate green homes, natural simplicity of life conception.