Can you put copper coins on the coffin?

Jul 29, 2018

The gilt on the coffin (ancient metal) is the meaning of the promotion of the rich, but it is not really buried in the dead is generally used to empty the tomb (to the tomb left for yourself) or the town tomb (buried with the real tomb) or you Seeing how many ancient tombs are wooden tombs or stone tombs, copper coins are generally placed in coffins in the coffin with copper coins to play the role of seven stars, called "pad back." The back of the cushion, in the custom of funeral burial in ancient times, refers to the death of the dead under the pad.

Then what to say, the nails of the wooden tomb can be made of metal, but you can't engrave the money because this will attract the greedy people to dig the tomb (ancient people believe)

As for what you said, copper coins. . . . I have never heard of this saying. Wood coffin, indulging in what it is, what is it, it’s deep, it’s not rotten wood.

There is a leak in the seams. What kind of setting? Seven stars? Four phases? Or just come to a symmetrical figure? Don't scare you, as long as you don't sway the soul, the patterns of the ghosts are not touched.

If it’s the current smoldering, you still have to find someone to take the copper money out because it’s already a relic.