Are Americans buried after death?

Nov 01, 2020

1. Americans can be buried. The United States is a country with cremation tradition, but its funeral management is very loose, and there are no restrictions on the burial areas and Huoda burial areas. The average cremation rate in the United States is 30%, but in some big cities, as high as 70%. After cremation, about 85% of the ashes of the dead are buried in cemeteries.

2. American traditional funerals mostly adopt religious rites, which are usually held in churches. The whole process includes three parts: wake-up, cemetery purchase and burial. The process of modern funerals is to buy tombs, coffins, graveyard ceremonies and other memorial activities. His memorial activities are solemn, solemn and quiet. The United States has set up a federal funeral management committee to guide the national funeral management by formulating funeral laws and regulations, and more than 20 national funeral societies and organizations have been established for industry management.